Peter Caffrey – Author

The God of Wanking

After accidentally reviving a dormant demon, Diego is offered the deal of a lifetime. He can have his way with […]

Dog Food

Trapped between normality and insanity, somewhere in the darkness, exists a state of consciousness so bleak, so miserable, so inescapable, […]

The Devil’s Hairball

When Victor Holycross commits an act of heinous sacrilege at the Festival of the Blessed Virgin, he unwittingly instigates a […]

Whores Versus Sex Robots

When the introduction of brothels manned by AI-powered sex robots threaten the profitability of the world’s oldest profession, the street […]

Freak Fuck

The eighth book in the Fucking Scumbags Burn In Hell series, exclusively from Godless Doctor Fairweather, a disgraced cosmetic surgeon, […]