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My First Taste of Horror

  Another day, another question from a reader. Oi, Bollock-chops! So, why did you pick horror as a genre to […]

What’s With the Callipers?

The other day, I received a communication from a reader! Dear Mr Caffrey, I feel compelled to write after reading […]


What can I say about Raw Dog which hasn’t already be said? Depraved, twisted, perverted, permanently erect and excruciatingly handsome, […]

Baby, You’ll Be Famous

I was on a flight and fancied a beer. Despite the selection being limited (two fucking beers; that was it) […]

The Cat’s Asshole

Mention cosmic horror to most people, and their thoughts go straight to legendary brown sauce maker and all-round bigot, HP […]

Aussie Sickos

For some people, travel is all about the destination. For me, it’s about the journey. Don’t get me wrong; I […]