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Mondo Perverso: Welcome to the Grindhouse



Six tales inspired by Grindhouse B-Movies of the 1960s and 1970s.

Nympho Nurses’ Ton-up Terror

When the nurses from St Hilda’s Hospital set off on their annual motorcycle run, the last thing they expect is to be caught up in the fallout of a chemical weapon debacle, but that’s exactly what happens. Join Fanny Batter, Ginger Bush and Dawn Double-Dee as they battle against the sex plague and a horde of twisted deformos, while also enjoying some high-octane thrills and spills.

Zombie Cheerleaders on LSD

When the archaeological society of Beavertown High School go on a dig, they discover their campsite is next to the Gallstonebury Festival at Turdy Farm. After Glenda Gash is bitten by a rat at the dig site and falls ill, some dropouts from the festival plan to feed the girls LSD with the intention of sexually abusing them, but when Glenda reappears, their world is torn apart.

Star Whores: Return of the Dildo

When the Holy Order of Star Whores are arrested in Galaxy NGC-1300, the authorities confiscate all their assets as they’ve been earned via immoral earnings. Included amongst the seized items is an entity, a God, the Lord Dildo. In order to rescue the deity, the Star Whores turn to space pirate Buzz Lovebeads who, along with his sidekicks Hands Solo and Easy Leia, goes in search of the entity … despite being chased by the evil lawman Garth Gayder who is intent on capturing the pirates.

Girl Gang Clusterfuck in Cell Block B

When prison warder Molly McGinty checks in for her night shift on Friday the 13th, little does she know the horrors which lie ahead. While the numerous girl gangs tool up for an all-out war over drugs, tobacco and toilet wine, Molly wants nothing more than a quiet shift. She has a lot to think about, not least her love for Prisoner 117213, also known as Big Bertha. When the carnage erupts, she faces a choice: does she follow duty or love? Which of her emotions will be stronger: her fanatical devotion to the law, or the throbbing feeling in her vagina? It’s all kicking off in Cell Block B, where the violence is hard and the women are moist

Cannibal She-Devils of the Umpopo Delta

Travelling along the Umpopo river, the missionaries of Saint Xavier’s are eager to spread the word of the Lord to the local savage tribes. However, their fate takes a turn for the worse when they meet Queen Bazoomas and her warrior women. Captured, abused, tortured, and pegged with hand-carved tribal dildos, they soon realise the Umpopo Delta is no place for God-fearing men. As the cannibal she-devils exhibit their taste for man-meat, the missionaries realise their only chance of survival is to become the sexual playthings of the wild warrior women.

Wino Women’s Car Park Catfight

When the wino women start a turf war in the local multi-storey car park, things quickly turn violent as the boozy hags battle the pissed-up slags. Despite attempts by Walter, the Car Park Warden, to restore law and order, the situation turns into a right royal shit-show when a car owned by sleaze baron Charlie Lovespuds is broken into. Finding what they believe to be imported booze, the women go on an epic binge, unaware they’re downing bottle after bottle of an illicit aphrodisiac love drug. Charlie wants payment or his drugs back, Walter wants his car-park free of winos, and the women want a good seeing to.


Paperback orders available from September 1 2024