Fucked-up Bedtime Stories: Series One

The God of Wanking

Dog Food

The Devil’s Hairball

The Butcher’s Other Daughter

Whores Versus Sex Robots (and Other Sordid Tales of Erotic Automatons)

Freak Fuck (Book #8 in the Fucking Scumbags Burn in Hell series)

Cock-A-Voodoo-Doo (and Other Twisted Love Stories)



Dolls’ House Diabolic

The Perils of Dating Celine


The ‘Mondo Perverso Night Out at the Cinema Without Going to the Cinema but with a Similar Feeling Albeit in a Book Experience’ series stories are available exclusively via on the 19th of each month, and cost $0.99 each. Each ebook is supplied with a free-of-charge audio file. To enjoy the full immersive ‘at the cinema’ experience, it is recommended that you do listen to the audio file. Really. It’s worth it.

#1: Nympho Nurses’ Ton-Up Terror

#2: Zombie Cheerleaders on LSD

#3: Star Whores: Return of the Dildo

#4: Girl Gang Clusterfuck in Cell Block B


Fucked-up Bedtime Stories is a series of twelve short tales looking at the world of Arnold and his best friend, Jimmy the Chimp. Designed to create a relaxed euphoria at the end of the day, these stories promote pleasant dreams and a peaceful night’s sleep. The stories are available exclusively via on the 19th of each month, and cost $0.50 each, including an unabridged MP3 narration. The first story is free, in a true ‘drugs at the school gates’ style!

#1: Pussy Galore

#2: Little Donkey

#3: Auntie Social

#4: Pork Chop

#5: Legs Eleven

#6: High Tea

#7: Gin Rummy

#8: Mister Mummy

#9: Bully Beef

#10: Mouse Trap

#11: No Pain

#12: King Arnold


Like a Tramp Yelling at Trains (And Other Unpoetic Noises)


Basement Hookers on Acid – In Uterus

Ich Bin Ein Boiliner – Unamerican Trash

TV Head – The Bumper Book of British Bizarro

Santa Claus Versus Anti Claus – Santa Claws is Coming to Deathlehem

Owning Emily – Prose in Poor Taste Vol 2

Cornered – 666 – Dark Drabbles Book 11

The Cleethorpes Bell – Bradonomicon

Freak Fuck – Call Me Hoop (Season 1)

Z is for Zimmer Frame – ABC’s of Terror Vol 4