About Peter Caffrey

Peter Caffrey is a writer creating neo-absurdist stories tinged with traces of Bizarro, Horror and Splatterpunk. Poking at the underbelly of life, he combines dark humour, bizarre imagery and twisted plots to reflect the absurdities in life.

His work has appeared in Underbelly, Infernal Ink, Horror Sleaze Trash, Frontier Tales, Terror House, Weird Mask, Literally Stories, Close to the Bone, Idle Ink, Minute Magazine and other publications.

He has also had stories included in Prose in Poor Taste Vol.2 and The Bumper Book of British Bizarro.

He drinks too much, exercises too little and is unlikely to change.

The Devil’s Hairball takes the reader on a journey into the darkness of a man’s soul. Victor is beset by curses brought on by an act of sacrilege, and with every step he take towards the completion of his penance, things get worse. Then the wheels come off his world…

Whores Versus Sex Robots (and other sordid tales of erotic automatons) takes a look at the future world when sex robots are a common reality. As AI-enabled androids service the needs of the lonely, needy and perverted, the street whores realise their time as the world’s oldest profession is coming to an end. Determined to bring the punters back between their legs, they embark on a plan to discredit the robots. However, the automatons won’t take the challenge lying down.