Signed copies of many Peter Caffrey titles are currently available. However, please note the following before ordering.

  • The cost of international postage is hideous, and for overseas readers, signed paperbacks can be unrealistic. I hate having to charge high prices, as your money could be spent on better things like beer and meat, but if you really want a book, I’ve listed prices to Mainland USA. If you’re outside of this region, please request a current price. If it’s too much, no problem; you will not be obligated to buy anything!
  • I have pretty shit handwriting, a rubbish sense of humour, and I often lose my glasses. Therefore, inscriptions might be scruffy, offensive, and make little sense.
  • I am fond of adding crude drawings to inscriptions, such as the good old-fashioned cock and balls. I am NOT an artist, so it may appear as if someone has allowed a puerile child to decorate your copy.
  • Please complete the form below. I’ll get back to you with a Paypal invoice. You do not need a Paypal account and can pay this with any card (but not a membership card for Aunty Noreen’s Spanky Bar and Grill).

PLEASE NOTE: If you want a signed copy of the Limited Edition Poundland Candy Floss edition of Fucked-up Bedtime Stories, please go here to request one.