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Hee Haw




When Colin, a middle-aged fantasist and loner who lives with his parents, snatches a girl he finds in the woods, things quickly start to unravel. While his intention is to act out his most depraved fantasies, something about the girl unnerves him. Who is the mysterious Alice, and why does she make him feel so uneasy?

As he learns more about her, he finds himself thrust ever deeper into a world of darkness and duplicity. What is real, and why is he, the abuser, feeling so vulnerable?

Hee Haw is a dark, pyschological horror, in which nothing is quite what it seems.

Hee Haw is available in eBook format from Godless on October 19 2023, and from Amazon and other outlets in both eBook and paperback formats from November 10 2023.

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