Dog Food


Trapped between normality and insanity, somewhere in the darkness, exists a state of consciousness so bleak, so miserable, so inescapable, that it can erode the very fabric of a man’s will to survive.

David Miller hates coming home from holidays. The return journey is always stressful, but without the reward of a vacation at the end. When his break in the Algarve ends, the journey home is plagued by his miserable wife and squealing children, and the irritations of budget airlines push him to the edge. But once the plane lands, things get darker when he meets the bald man.

Dog Food is an absurdist tale of one man’s descent into the abyss…


‘Funny, frightening, surreal and speckled with grossness…’
Sean Hawker, Author of The Captive Dwarf


Paperback and Ebook

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