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Peter Caffrey – Author

Peter Caffrey creates stories stained with the darkest of dark humour, featuring elements of splattery filth, horror, bizarro and absurdity.


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Unfit for Human Consumption is a collection which serves as a tasting menu for Peter Caffrey’s twisted world. An insight into his Mondo Perverso, many of the stories are new and previously unpublished, and some are from less well-read periodicals or anthologies. They include the strange and demented, the darkest of dark humour, and utterly unhinged absurdity!

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London, the 1880s. Fear stalks the streets in the form of Jack the Ripper, the slums are suffering an epidemic of crime and depravity, and the population is a seething mass of undesirables and ne’er-do-wells. Many in the capital know of the legendary detective, Sherlock Homes, but not as well known is that further up the staircase, at 221C Baker Street, resides another notable mind in the world of sleuthery.

Offensive, obstinate, devious and depraved, Crust brings an unparalleled cynicism to the world of paranormal investigations, aided by the fact he believes in nothing which doesn’t come in a pint bottle. With the true values of a Victorian gentleman, he sets out to do the thing he loves most: making easy money!

When Crust is on the case, no one is safe!

“Set in Victorian London, Crust, a gentleman with a love of the juice, will do pretty much anything for a few bob, including paranormal investigations. Follow Crust on the case and laugh your arse off in the process.”

“Crust and Susan need a new place to stay, and wouldn’t you know it, the rooms right above Sherlock Holmes are move-in ready. Thus begins Crust’s first hilarious investigation, set in the spacious Walcot Hall. As per usual, Caffrey has lined up a cast of full color characters and a story full of turns and twists that leads something wildly inappropriate.”

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The postcards can be purchased as standalonje sets, or can be packaged with the full audio and ebook files for the total immersive Mondo Perverso Grindhouse Experience (digital files need to be downloaded via a supplied link).

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Hee Haw is a dark, pyschological horror, in which nothing is quite what it seems.

When Colin, a middle-aged fantasist and loner who lives with his parents, snatches a girl he finds in the woods, things quickly start to unravel. While his intention is to act out his most depraved fantasies, something about the girl unnerves him. Who is the mysterious Alice, and why does she make him feel so uneasy?

As he learns more about her, he finds himself thrust ever deeper into a world of darkness and duplicity. What is real, and why is he, the abuser, feeling so vulnerable?

“Blending physical and emotional exploitations with a knockout ending is why this book will remain with you for a long, long time.”
Horror Bookworm Reviews
“Once again, this is another great read, from the twisted mind of Peter Caffrey. There are many triggers, such as child abduction, violence, profanity, blood, gore, and murder, and I loved it.”
Leeanne Wright: Goodreads


Haw Haw is available in paperback and eBook formats. Signed copies are also available.

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