Fucked-up Bedtime Stories Series One


Ten year old Arnold has a cuddly friend, Jimmy the Chimp. His toy ape is his companion, his fellow adventurer and his advisor. No one else can hear Jimmy when he talks, and there’s nothing about modern life the chimp doesn’t know. Escaping from the world of Mummy and Daddy, the pair set out to have a series of adventures, aided by the fact Jimmy the Chimp is a Satanic necromancer.

Let their enchanting escapades relax and amuse you as you slip into a slumber filled with the sweetest of sweet dreams.

This collection include all twelve stories from the first series.


“Well written, gross, vile, depraved and original.”

“The humor is outrageous and laugh out loud, and mixes well with the violence that will make a veteran extreme horror reader cringe.”

“Shocking, disturbing, gross, horrible, vile … but absolutely brilliant!”

“I can’t believe Peter Caffrey took things this far!”

“Arnold and Jimmy have a place in my head forever, and I do not want this to ever end!”

“This is one of my all-time favorite series, and they just keep getting better and better.”

“Too depraved and gross! Don’t let your kids go anywhere near this bedtime story.”

“Haven’t laughed so much since my mother-in-law fell down the stairs and broke her leg.”


EBook in all formats

Paperback and EBook

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