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Zombie Cheerleaders on LSD (Mondo Perverso #2)



When the archaeological society of Beavertown High School go on a dig, they discover their campsite is next to the Gallstonebury Festival at Turdy Farm. After Glenda Gash is bitten by a rat at the dig site and falls ill, some dropouts from the festival plan to feed the girls LSD with the intention of sexually abusing them, but when Glenda reappears, their world is torn apart.

This is your only chance to enjoy one of Terry Funicular’s pivotal works now that the Mondo Perverso films have been consigned to the flames of history, so dive right in; the water’s fucking filthy!

Zombie Cheerleaders on LSD is part of the ‘Mondo Perverso Night Out at the Cinema Without Going to the Cinema but with a Similar Feeling Albeit in a Book Experience’ series, and is supplied with a free-of-charge audio file. To enjoy the full immersive experience, it is recommended that you do listen to the audio file. Really. It’s worth it.

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