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Cannibal She-Devils of the Umpopo Delta (Mondo Perverso #5)



Travelling along the Umpopo river, the missionaries of Saint Xavier’s are eager to spread the word of the Lord to the local savage tribes. However, their fate takes a turn of the worse when they meet Queen Bazoomas and her warrior women. Captured, abused, tortured, and pegged with hand-carved tribal dildos, they soon realise the Umpopo Delta is no place for God-fearing men.

As the cannibal she-devils exhibit their taste for man-meat, the missionaries realise their only chance of survival is to become the sexual playthings of the wild warrior women.

Cannibal She-Devils of the Umpopo Delta is part of the ‘Mondo Perverso Night Out at the Cinema Without Going to the Cinema but with a Similar Feeling Albeit in a Book Experience’ series, and is supplied with a free-of-charge audio file. To enjoy the full immersive experience, it is recommended that you do listen to the audio file. Really. It’s worth it.

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