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Girl Gang Clusterfuck in Cell Block B (Mondo Perverso #4)



When prison warder Molly McGinty checks in for her night shift on Friday the 13th, little does she know the horrors which lie ahead. While the numerous girl gangs tool up for an all-out war over drugs, tobacco and toilet wine, Molly wants nothing more than a quiet shift.

She has a lot to think about, not least her love for Prisoner 117213, also known as Big Bertha. When the carnage erupts, she faces a choice: does she follow duty or love? Which of her emotions will be stronger: her fanatical devotion to the law, or the throbbing feeling in her vagina?

It’s all kicking off in Cell Block B, where the violence is hard and the women are moist.

This is your only chance to enjoy one of Terry Funicular’s pivotal works now that the Mondo Perverso films have been consigned to the flames of history, so dive right in; the water’s fucking filthy!

Girl Gang Clusterfuck in Cell Block B is part of the ‘Mondo Perverso Night Out at the Cinema Without Going to the Cinema but with a Similar Feeling Albeit in a Book Experience’ series, and is supplied with a free-of-charge audio file. To enjoy the full immersive experience, it is recommended that you do listen to the audio file. Really. It’s worth it.

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