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Wino Women’s Car Park Catfight (Mondo Perverso #6)



When the wino women start a turf war in the local multi-storey car park, things quickly turn violent as the boozy hags battle the pissed-up slags. Despite attempts by Walter, the Car Park Warden, to restore law and order, the situation turns into a right royal shit-show when a car owned by sleaze baron Charlie Lovespuds is broken into.

Finding what they believe to be imported booze, the women go on an epic binge, unaware they’re downing bottle after bottle of an illicit aphrodisiac love drug he has smuggled into the country from Cambodia.

Charlie wants payment or his drugs back, Walter wants his car-park free of winos, and the women want a good seeing to.

Wino Women’s Car Park Catfight is part of the ‘Mondo Perverso Night Out at the Cinema Without Going to the Cinema but with a Similar Feeling Albeit in a Book Experience’ series, and is supplied with a free-of-charge audio file. To enjoy the full immersive experience, it is recommended that you do listen to the audio file. Really. It’s worth it.

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