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What can I say about Raw Dog which hasn’t already be said? Depraved, twisted, perverted, permanently erect and excruciatingly handsome, the writer is one of the stalwarts of the extreme horror scene. Don’t believe me? What do I care; I knows what I knows.

Long before those who claim to be the founding fathers of extreme horror and splatterpunk grew enough balls to dive into the murky waters of filth, Raw Dog was spreading his muck (and I mean his writing, not his spunk) far and wide. When those who claim to break boundaries today were still shitting in their nappies, Raw was splattering the minds of readers with filth.

Road Kill is a heartfelt tale of a lonely truck driver and his attempts to find love (well, release, but I guess that’s half the point of love, isn’t it?) on his long journeys crossing the bleak and barren land.

Like every situation in life, there is a pecking order, and when Raw Dog finds himself slipping down the hierarchy, the conclusion is inevitable … and inescapable.

Grab a piece of Splatterpunk history and dive into Roadkill today. It will teach you what love is.

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