Chainsaw by John Bender

You want high brow literary excellence and nuanced narrative that weaves a web of mystery around your mind? You want […]

Insatiable by Jack Bantry

Insatiable is the story of a virus which turns people into serial rapists. Sadly, the handling of the subject isn’t […]

Man Cave by Angel Gelique

Man Cave is the story of Ben, a sadistic man who kidnaps two college girls and keeps them in his […]


Cemetery Chaos

A recent Tweet from @ChendersHorror hit me like a bullet made from memories. He posted about the Highgate Vampire, a […]

Horror and Monsters

All too often, you stumble across horror readers (and writers, bloggers, film makers and other creatives) who are too quick […]

Why Zines Matter to Me

It was 1976 in London. Punk rock was a bubbling undercurrent and bored, disaffected youth were waking up to the […]

My issue with horror

Picture the scene: in a North London terraced house, it’s 10.30pm on a Friday night  in 1971. In the main […]


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