Man Cave by Angel Gelique

Man Cave is the story of Ben, a sadistic man who kidnaps two college girls and keeps them in his garage. A catalogue of torture and cruelty, the storyline is pretty much what I’ve already stated, and if you’re wanting anything with a bit more meat on the bone, you’ll struggle to find it here. There’s no nuanced psychology or battle of wits between captor and captives.

I read Man Cave based on a heap of recommendations, and while it’s an okay read, I found myself becoming increasingly detached from the story as it advanced. I appreciate there has to be a suspension of belief at times with this type of story, but as I got deeper into the tale, I had to not only suspend belief, but also accept an increasing number of moments which felt like a 1960s cartoon with regards to the sort of violence being dished out.

Towards the end I did get a bit bored and only read on to discover the conclusion. The final set-up, which was designed to pave the way for a follow-up book, didn’t hold things together for me.

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