Insatiable by Jack Bantry

Insatiable is the story of a virus which turns people into serial rapists. Sadly, the handling of the subject isn’t done well and lacks credibility. It reads more like juvenile titillation than a horror tale. By way of an example, after one woman is gang raped, her injuries are described as ‘stinging’. I’m no prude, and I realise that the horror of rape makes it a target in many extreme stories, but it has to be done well. Insatiable falls down on this, and falls down badly.

In terms of telling the story, Insatiable is a quite fractured, and at times the readability suffers because of the clumsy construction. The storyline is predictable, and on the few occasions a moment of tension arises, it is usually solved by some random coincidence. As a reader, you’re more likely to feel cheated than satisfied.

All in all, Insatiable is not a great read.

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