God of Wanking – Paperback Launch

After a fair few requests from readers, The God of Wanking is now available in paperback format via Amazon. As expected, the powers that be over at Jeff’s emporium have decided to hide it away, so searching for it isn’t as simple as it might be. The best advice is to search for the full title rather than expecting to find it via the Peter Caffrey author links.

Another alternative is to use the universal link here.

How long will the paperback be available? That’s out of our hands. It” be around until a few churlish people complain, which will lead to someone who hasn’t read it deciding to pull it to preserve public decency. That, sadly, is increasingly the Amazon way.

It’s already had a few negative hits, which is why they’ve decided to hide it! In truth, the fact it’s hidden and doesn’t crop up too often in searches might stop it coming to the attention of serial whingers and moaners.

The ebook (in all formats) of The God of Wanking is exclusively available via Godless, who certainly won’t ban it.

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