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Crust Investigates: The White Lady of Walcot Hall


A chance encounter with Lady Walcot sets Crust a challenging investigation. Who is the mysterious white lady, and why is she jeopardising the good name of Walcot Hall in the lead up to the Spring Ball season?

London, the 1880s, a city torn between burgeoning affluence and abject poverty. Fear stalks the streets in the form of Jack the Ripper, the slums are suffering an epidemic of crime and depravity, and the population is a seething mass of undesirables and ne’er-do-wells. London, nay, England needs a saviour!

Many in the capital know of the legendary detective, Sherlock Homes, but not as well known is that further up the staircase from his abode at 221B Baker Street is 221C, home to another notable mind in the world of sleuthery.

Offensive, obstinate, devious and depraved, Crust brings an unparalleled cynicism to the world of paranormal investigations, aided by the fact he believes in nothing which doesn’t come in a pint bottle. With the true values of a Victorian gentleman, he sets out to do the thing he loves most: making easy money!

When Crust is on the case, no one is safe!

“Set in Victorian London, Crust, a gentleman with a love of the juice, will do pretty much anything for a few bob, including paranormal investigations. Follow Crust on the case and laugh your arse off in the process.”

“Crust and Susan need a new place to stay, and wouldn’t you know it, the rooms right above Sherlock Holmes are move-in ready. Thus begins Crust’s first hilarious investigation, set in the spacious Walcot Hall. As per usual, Caffrey has lined up a cast of full color characters and a story full of turns and twists that leads to something wildly inappropriate.”


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