Coming Soon: Nun Meat Carnival

Okay, here’s something I haven’t done before! I’m going to lay out my thoughts in public.
Things I know for sure:
1: Nun Meat Carnival will be a full length novel.
2: It will be a blasphemous tale of bloody war between the dioceses trying to control the trade in religious relics and indulgences.
3: It will include bad taste humour.
4: It will include a Nun Meat Carnival.
5: Naturally, the ebook will be available via Godless, and there’ll be a paperback at some point. However, there will be a very limited (and I mean very, very limited) edition package of a signed hardback book and a few special extras. These packages will be given away for free (see Things I Don’t Know for Sure for more info).
Things I Don’t Know for Sure:
1: The final release date will depend on a few things, one being the result of my scan in May. If I need more cancer treatment, the publication date might move, but my intention is to get it published in the summer. That said, intentions can be smacked into shit by side effects, so I reserve the right to be a wimp.
2: The working title is currently Nun Meat Carnival. That might change if I come up with something that makes me laugh louder.
3: I don’t really know how the limited edition thing will work right now, but I figure maybe a Generation-Game style battle with me as Brucie! There’ll be some sort of challenge (which may or may not involve people having to dress up as nuns), and those who win get one of the packages.
If anyone wants to make sure they’re ahead of the game, I’d recommend signing up for updates. You won’t get a bunch of spam, because quite frankly I can’t be arsed sending too many messages.
That’s that; I better get writing!

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