Available Now: Legs Eleven

Available now, exclusively from Godless: Fucked-up Bedtime Stories #5 – Legs Eleven

Legs Eleven is available as a package including an ebook and audio narration file, for just fifty cents (that’s around 38 pence of the Queen’s money).

Grab your copy here.

The school disco is approaching, but Arnold doesn’t want to go because he has no friends. However, when he meets Emily during a school charity event, he sees an opportunity to not only attend the dance, but to also have a real girlfriend. After a misunderstanding, things take a darker turn, to such an extent even Jimmy the Chimp might be unable to save him.


Ten year old Arnold has a cuddly friend, Jimmy the Chimp. His toy ape is his companion, his fellow adventurer and his advisor. No one else can hear Jimmy when he talks, and there’s nothing about modern life the chimp doesn’t know. Escaping from the world of Mummy and Daddy, the pair set out to have a series of adventures, aided by the fact Jimmy the Chimp is a Satanic necromancer.

Let their enchanting escapades relax and amuse you as you slip into a slumber filled with the sweetest of sweet dreams.

Good night, sleep tight!

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